Upmarket Frenzy

Hi everyone, well as my heading implies I’ve been hitting the upmarkets. I did one last weekend and another one this weekend as well as an Open House. All towards getting my face and artwork out there. I haven’t sold much but I met a lot of very interesting people and many people took my business cards and indicated they would call.
Ok. What’s an upmarket? It’s when someone or a team organises a spot for local vendors to come together to sell their products, normally locally made products. The team markets the event to get as many patrons as possible to visit and buy. The vendors pay for the table and set up their area themselves. You pay for the table and you get 2 chairs. There are upmarkets all over and you can book as many as you want. Some have been running for years and are more popular and pull larger crowds than others.
So from the upmarkets I have done so far I’ve learned allot about what people like, how they see art, how they choose art and how they purchase art. Trinidadians look for bargains and a person has to really love art or feel that a piece of art is inspiring enough to give as a gift because its different, for them to want to buy it.
We really need to make art more visible, easily accessible, surround the people with it so that it becomes a part of their psyche. Place it everywhere so the beauty of art enters peoples souls and lastly make it more affordable. But right now art is seen as something that the rich buy, its a luxury or its just to decorate a spot on a wall.
But Art is so much more than that. Its a stress reliever, its beauty right in your personal space, its culture, its peace and its feelings expressed. I hope one day even those who say ” I not into that” or ” thats not my thing”  change their words into…” that piece makes me feel good” or ” WOW! I’m buying that piece because i know it will ease my friends spirit”. Until then we Artist work hard to share our souls and our passion with others.
I really enjoy and love watching and being around people no matter what reaction my work receives. I did however get some really amazing reactions even if the person didn’t buy anything. One mother with her 2 daughters came to my table. The daughter likes Art but doesn’t paint. She loved my pieces but it was obvious they weren’t going to buy anything, but the mother said for some reason she couldn’t pull herself away from my table because my pieces were so relaxing to watch and she just didn’t want to leave. But eventually leave they did. I just smiled because even though they didn’t buy, the feeling it inspired was enough for me.
I got many reactions like that but people find it difficult to spend on art versus jewelry or something they can use. They don’t see how they can use Art, so its long term value is oblivious to many and that is why they don’t spend on art as easily as a woman would spend on food or jewelry or make up. One day…. sigh….one day it will change…one can only hope.
Anyway below is a pic of my table and I’ll share more next week. I have 2 more upmarkets. One this weekend and another in December so wish me blessings and sales and like i always say…..visit my site http://www.triniartstudio.net and send me a line or your opinion. All feedback is welcomed. Bye for now.






O Joy

Hi everyone, its been a hectic week with me helping my daughter with her university project, helping my mom with her doctor visits, organinsing for all the upmarkets i’m in, painting and dealing with my normal business clients. I guess thats why I came down with the flu, but it was fun tiring but nice.
I did my first upmarket this weekend where I was selling my art. Upmarkets are great because you meet really great people and your get to be seen, but I learnt that people don’t buy original art as its a bit pricey and they want bargain gift items for Christmas. So I know now that the smaller less expensive art pieces are what I need to carry.
Its a shame Trinidad doesn’t have a craft village like I saw in San Diego. They were separate cottages with cobblestoned pathways in between them and each cottage housed a different artisan. There were eating nooks and benches to sit and watch the trees, it was beautiful. Maybe one day Trinidad will have something like that. Ohhhhh!!!! And i must let you know that I sold 2 pieces at the upmarket. Thats a great feat as usually newbies dont sell anything until they’ve been selling in there 3rd upmarket. So I know what sells now.
Let me show you what I sold. I sold miniature abstracts and 9 x 12 abstracts on canvas panels.



The miniatures are my favourite. Love doing those. I must say my watercolour painting has taken a backseat but I will have to return to it soon or lose my nerve.
So that’s all for this week. Chat next week and Go Check My site and Buy what you love. Www.triniartstudio.net
Live you guys!!! :  )

God is Good and Art is Alive

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been soooo busy, yes like a crazy person as usual. I’ve been on a drive to get my art out there and I’ve been…as you know…doing allot of acrylic abstracts but now I’m doing allot of miniature acrylic abstracts. They to have been so much fun, so I’m totally enjoying myself. The only challenge is time. I’ve been feeling extremely rushed and anxious because when I want to be painting I’m at my other job. But that pays the bills and my art doesn’t, at least not yet, so I can’t push it aside. Anyway, let me tell you about the great few weeks.

I say God is good because although I had that weird week of accidents. I visited my favourite art supply store again….yes again and who happens to be there? One of Trinidad and Tobago’s most amazing artist Jackie  Hinkson. I love his work and I kinda got star struck. He taught one of my art classes way way back, so I didn’t think he would remember me. I was oh so polite to him but he did catch me drooling…so embarrassing. I built up the courage to go talk to him and reminded him of where we met and he remembered the class. (BIG SMILE). The best part was, when he was leaving, he asked if I still painted and I said yes, but I’m doing some acrylics and less watercolour. However I intended to restart on the watercolours. He said yes watercolours are difficult but keep trying. He also offered to critique my work. Well people, I’m not one to waste or lose an opportunity. I definitely GRABBED that one. The same afternoon as soon as I returned home I sent him an email and 3 of my pieces to critique.

Do you know he really responded  and his feedback was so great and made me feel sooooo resolved to continue my painting and to know that I wasn’t on the wrong track. It confirmed me and now I’m off and running. The great thing is, we continue to correspond as I’ve sent him another watercolour and an abstract to hear his thoughts about them. He encouraged me to do Plein Air, which I know I need to do more often but I tend to avoid. Plein Air is hard, especially as the paint dries so quickly as you’re painting. Below is the Plein Air I attempted once and didn’t like, but I will take his advice and do one that is simple and see how that one turns out. Its a painting of the Haynes Manor by the savannah. See what I mean?

OK Guys I gotta go, talk soon and I will tell you more next week and don’t forget…CHECK MY WEBSITE http://www.triniartstudio.net and buy what you like.

Haynes Manor2


Hi everyone, first I must apologise for not posting on Monday as usual. Why? Because I’ve been in a trance and I only just got out of it….Hmhmhaha….seriously, it felt like a trance and it isn’t over. I’ve been on an abstract painting journey. As you know, I discovered acrylic abstract painting and I’ve been semi obsessed…..well it’s true and it’s still happening.


I posted on instagram one or two of the new pieces and I even did a piece to place on Redbubble’s / Australian Library Victoria “Create Art History” competition. So I hope you forgive me, especially when you see the pieces I created. What I discovered is that abstract painting is creative freedom. You can’t plan the piece because things change as you go along. It’s based on what feels right to you at that exact moment. It’s sooooo addictive and that’s why I can’t seem to stop. But a friend of mine (who isn’t really a fan of abstracts) asked me…. “so when are you going to do more watercolours? I like your watercolour scenes”. People I suddenly felt guilty….I haven’t painted a watercolour in months….I kinda know that I’m hiding or avoiding the watercolours because watercolour isn’t the easiest medium. In fact most people say it’s the hardest medium as you can’t control it and it isn’t as forgiving as acrylics. But at least the Redbubble competition piece was a mix medium – watercolour, pastels and ink. (It’s the first one)

I also feel to some extent that doing the abstracts will help me become looser. Being loose is a must with watercolours if you want to be a realism impressionist. The week has been great as I’ve been able to paint today as I didn’t have a client in the afternoon. So I rushed home, stopping at the art supply store (of course) to pick up more canvases. So this afternoon I finished a piece for our Art Societies’ Exhibition “REBIRTH”. I hope you like them and don’t forget

“COME VISIT MY SITE AND CHECK MY ART ” at http://www.triniartstudio.net.

Preview of “redbubble”2

Holidays Galore

Hi Everyone, sorry I’m writing so late but it’s been a very busy day with me running around with my mom then passing in the office etc..you know how that goes. So we are having another holiday on Wednesday. HA HA HA!!  In Trinidad and Tobago we have lots of holidays, we had one last week and we have another one this week. Wednesday is “Divali”, an East Indian Celebration. It’s also called the Festival of Lights. This is like Christmas for the East Indians. We have a very mixed culture of races here and its the best.

There are lots of preparations of Indian dishes and candies, with these treats being shared and given everywhere you go. We also fill small clay like cups called “Deyas” with oil and they are lit outside of homes and in parks on stripped bamboo. The bamboo is bent into different shapes and the deyas are placed on varying spots of the bamboo. Its a great sight and the food shared is delicious. Everyone looks forward to driving through different areas to view the variety of designs made by the deyas. There are also shows with indian dancing and singing, all forming part of the festivities.

I’ll be wearing my East Indian outfit tomorrow, I really need to get a Sari, but maybe next year. So while you are working on Wednesday, I’ll be home relaxing eating the delicious Indian candy and having curry for lunch.

Take a look at this drawing I did of two East Indian Dancers a few years ago. And remember – Go check my website: http://www.triniartstudio.net and see more of my artwork.


Indian Dancers


Everything Happens for a Reason


Hi Everyone, didn’t mention this, but I’m doing an online course on how to market your business. As with every course, you get homework and we were given homework this weekend to approach 3 people to talk about our product (my art) and get them interested. Well I didn’t even try doing that because, firstly I couldn’t think of who I could approach that I didn’t know and then having to tell them about what I do!!!!! Urrrrr!!!! Please note I’m not shy and it’s not that I’m anti-social. I just didn’t want to approach a friend. But low and behold I happened to go into one of our popular art supply stores “Arnim”, with my daughter and as we purchased our item, a gentleman who came to collect some paintings (they also do framing and matting ), as we were leaving he called out to me. I was a bit wary as I didn’t know him and wondered OK what was he up to. He asked if I painted? I said yes. Then he suggested that I become a member of a group called “Women in Art”. Well I was thrown, because my art teacher moved to Canada, the art group disintegrated., so I had no other artists to bond with.

 I was looking for a group to join so I could learn and join in the activities that are so enjoyable in this art world. This gentleman, out of nowhere, suddenly answered my need. He gave me all the details of who to contact and I thanked him profusely. What timing…Ha Ha HaHaHa…so of course I called immediately, arranged to pay and become a member and was invited to submit 5 pieces for an exhibition they were having in Tobago. Yea!!!!! You must understand….the more your work is out there, the more people will recognise you and you build a client base. So I immediately went through my work to pull out 5 pieces that fit the criteria and wrapped them up and they will be on their way to the exhibition on Monday. I can’t wait to get feedback from the gentleman……get this……. who happened to be the Gallery Owner that was hosting the exhibition. Huh!! Just Amazing!!!! I don’t meet gallery owners or other artists, so this was blow mind for me. Soooo excited. Even if none of my pieces sell at least they were on display and all of this is a great learning experience for me.

 These are the pieces I submitted. Hope you like them as well. So I’ll tell you more next week. Hope I have good things to share.






Crazy Excited

Hi Everyone,
I’m on a high. I’ve discovered the bliss of acrylic abstract painting. Yes, me…painting in acrylic. No I’m not being disloyal to watercolours. Watercolor understands that as an artist one needs to broaden ones abilities. OK I’m being weird…I’ve started painting abstracts and it has been so obsessive that I moved from experimenting on a 6″ x 8″ canvas block to a 28″ x 22″ canvas block. I’ve gone sooooo crazy for abstract art that I’m continuously feeling excited and can’t wait to start the next piece. I even have designs coming to me (in my mind) at night and I feel like it haunts me until I release it unto the canvas. This is an example of a piece I did week before last.
Start Abstract - Excited
This is how it started. This design came to me at night and I was compelled to draw it. I used whatever item I had closeby because I’m not an acrylic artist, so I only had the bare minimum of art items. I used what I had. These are what I used to draw this piece.


 Hmmmm yes you’re seeing right. My office/studio dustbin, a pot and a ruler. This is the end result.


I named it “Excited” because that’s what I felt while painting it. The gurgle of bubbles in my stomach can be easily seen. People, like I always say……. “Art is an expression of what’s happening inside you”…to me that is soooo true. So everyone, hope you like my acrylic abstract piece and I’ve already started another piece and I finished it this weekend. I’ll talk about that one later this week or next week. Talk to you again soon and be careful out there.