Breakfast Like No Other

Hi Everyone, I’m back. Today I have to share that this week was very busy but one thing that saves me from starting the day badly…….that is….on a empty stomach is something we call DOUBLES!!! It’s a reallll quick breakfast. This is verrry popular in Trinidad and Tobago. We have it for breakfast or lunch or even dinner.

What is it like? Its 2 flat, thin, round like fried bakes that are placed on a sheet of paper and filled with curried chick peas, channa and potato. Hot Pepper or cucumber chow or sweet tamarind chutney is added as per the buyer’s request. Then 2 more flat bakes are placed on top and the entire thing is folded in the paper. It is soooo delicious and filling and is sold at the side of the road by vendors at different locations throughout the country.

The doubles are kept in a wooden box with different compartments for the different ingredients. This allows it to stay hot. The vendor protects himself from the elements …rain, hot sun…with an umbrella overhead. Each vendor also has there own special name, like “Source Doubles” or “UWI Doubles”. My Watercolour piece “Licensing Vendor” is a painting of a doubles vendor located outside of the Licensing Building. The institution where you get your drivers permit, do driving tests, and transfer vehicles.

See my painting below.


Licensing Doubles

Licensing Doubles Vendor


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