The Joys of Art

Hi Everyone, I’m on a major joy ride lately because I’m trying to set up my blog and my art store. It’s been an interesting journey as I do all my relevant research, which entails, googling info on web sites and web hosting.  Reading books about starting your online business and trying to figure out how to set up all the different sites. Being on social media is also a first for me, but quite exciting. I’ve enrolled on twitter, facebook, instagram, wixsite, Etsy, Artpal, Big Cartel, Redbubble, Tictail, Fineartamerica and WordPress. OK yes I went a little overboard but when you’re in a testing/figuring out phase, you hear about all these different options, you register then BAM!!… you find about another one, you register and then BAM!!…you know how that ends.

I’ve started filtering and making decisions as to which ones to keep and which to cancel. Its easy to decide as you go with the ones that fulfil your requirements and are….wait for it……the ones that are FREE!!!!. I must say there are some extremely wonderful sites that are so easy to use and also fun to try to figure out. There are also those that are very frustrating to use. Arhhhhh!!!   But I’ve found some great ones to. What I do dislike though, is the way they advertsie one price but you have to pay for the year or they indicate one discounted price but it goes back to the full price after a year. That is just annoying, but I guess everything is to make money… so capitalism lives.

So people I’m having soooo much fun…sigh…life is good and before I go, I have to recommend one book that was amazing for me. It was “Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon. I just loved that book. Have to read it again. I bought his second book “Steal Like An Artist” but I’m still to read that. Instead I decided to read “Art inc.” by Lisa Congdon. This book is a great guide to understand all you need to do to strat your Art business and it has been a really great read. Well that’s it for now, see everyone next week. Love to you all!!!

Ohhhh I almost forgot: Of course I must feature one of my art pieces to close.

Pan in Practice

Pan in Practice

If you weren’t aware, Trinidad is known for its steel pan/drum. We have an entire festival with bands of steel pan groups playing featured music pieces or songs in a competition called Panorama, where the prize is a million dollars. This is a charcoal piece showing a small sized band practicing in a Pan Yard for an upcoming Panorama Competition.


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