Crazy Excited

Hi Everyone,
I’m on a high. I’ve discovered the bliss of acrylic abstract painting. Yes, me…painting in acrylic. No I’m not being disloyal to watercolours. Watercolor understands that as an artist one needs to broaden ones abilities. OK I’m being weird…I’ve started painting abstracts and it has been so obsessive that I moved from experimenting on a 6″ x 8″ canvas block to a 28″ x 22″ canvas block. I’ve gone sooooo crazy for abstract art that I’m continuously feeling excited and can’t wait to start the next piece. I even have designs coming to me (in my mind) at night and I feel like it haunts me until I release it unto the canvas. This is an example of a piece I did week before last.
Start Abstract - Excited
This is how it started. This design came to me at night and I was compelled to draw it. I used whatever item I had closeby because I’m not an acrylic artist, so I only had the bare minimum of art items. I used what I had. These are what I used to draw this piece.


 Hmmmm yes you’re seeing right. My office/studio dustbin, a pot and a ruler. This is the end result.


I named it “Excited” because that’s what I felt while painting it. The gurgle of bubbles in my stomach can be easily seen. People, like I always say……. “Art is an expression of what’s happening inside you”…to me that is soooo true. So everyone, hope you like my acrylic abstract piece and I’ve already started another piece and I finished it this weekend. I’ll talk about that one later this week or next week. Talk to you again soon and be careful out there.

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