Everything Happens for a Reason


Hi Everyone, didn’t mention this, but I’m doing an online course on how to market your business. As with every course, you get homework and we were given homework this weekend to approach 3 people to talk about our product (my art) and get them interested. Well I didn’t even try doing that because, firstly I couldn’t think of who I could approach that I didn’t know and then having to tell them about what I do!!!!! Urrrrr!!!! Please note I’m not shy and it’s not that I’m anti-social. I just didn’t want to approach a friend. But low and behold I happened to go into one of our popular art supply stores “Arnim”, with my daughter and as we purchased our item, a gentleman who came to collect some paintings (they also do framing and matting ), as we were leaving he called out to me. I was a bit wary as I didn’t know him and wondered OK what was he up to. He asked if I painted? I said yes. Then he suggested that I become a member of a group called “Women in Art”. Well I was thrown, because my art teacher moved to Canada, the art group disintegrated., so I had no other artists to bond with.

 I was looking for a group to join so I could learn and join in the activities that are so enjoyable in this art world. This gentleman, out of nowhere, suddenly answered my need. He gave me all the details of who to contact and I thanked him profusely. What timing…Ha Ha HaHaHa…so of course I called immediately, arranged to pay and become a member and was invited to submit 5 pieces for an exhibition they were having in Tobago. Yea!!!!! You must understand….the more your work is out there, the more people will recognise you and you build a client base. So I immediately went through my work to pull out 5 pieces that fit the criteria and wrapped them up and they will be on their way to the exhibition on Monday. I can’t wait to get feedback from the gentleman……get this……. who happened to be the Gallery Owner that was hosting the exhibition. Huh!! Just Amazing!!!! I don’t meet gallery owners or other artists, so this was blow mind for me. Soooo excited. Even if none of my pieces sell at least they were on display and all of this is a great learning experience for me.

 These are the pieces I submitted. Hope you like them as well. So I’ll tell you more next week. Hope I have good things to share.







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