Holidays Galore

Hi Everyone, sorry I’m writing so late but it’s been a very busy day with me running around with my mom then passing in the office know how that goes. So we are having another holiday on Wednesday. HA HA HA!!  In Trinidad and Tobago we have lots of holidays, we had one last week and we have another one this week. Wednesday is “Divali”, an East Indian Celebration. It’s also called the Festival of Lights. This is like Christmas for the East Indians. We have a very mixed culture of races here and its the best.

There are lots of preparations of Indian dishes and candies, with these treats being shared and given everywhere you go. We also fill small clay like cups called “Deyas” with oil and they are lit outside of homes and in parks on stripped bamboo. The bamboo is bent into different shapes and the deyas are placed on varying spots of the bamboo. Its a great sight and the food shared is delicious. Everyone looks forward to driving through different areas to view the variety of designs made by the deyas. There are also shows with indian dancing and singing, all forming part of the festivities.

I’ll be wearing my East Indian outfit tomorrow, I really need to get a Sari, but maybe next year. So while you are working on Wednesday, I’ll be home relaxing eating the delicious Indian candy and having curry for lunch.

Take a look at this drawing I did of two East Indian Dancers a few years ago. And remember – Go check my website: and see more of my artwork.


Indian Dancers



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