Hi everyone, first I must apologise for not posting on Monday as usual. Why? Because I’ve been in a trance and I only just got out of it….Hmhmhaha….seriously, it felt like a trance and it isn’t over. I’ve been on an abstract painting journey. As you know, I discovered acrylic abstract painting and I’ve been semi obsessed…..well it’s true and it’s still happening.


I posted on instagram one or two of the new pieces and I even did a piece to place on Redbubble’s / Australian Library Victoria “Create Art History” competition. So I hope you forgive me, especially when you see the pieces I created. What I discovered is that abstract painting is creative freedom. You can’t plan the piece because things change as you go along. It’s based on what feels right to you at that exact moment. It’s sooooo addictive and that’s why I can’t seem to stop. But a friend of mine (who isn’t really a fan of abstracts) asked me…. “so when are you going to do more watercolours? I like your watercolour scenes”. People I suddenly felt guilty….I haven’t painted a watercolour in months….I kinda know that I’m hiding or avoiding the watercolours because watercolour isn’t the easiest medium. In fact most people say it’s the hardest medium as you can’t control it and it isn’t as forgiving as acrylics. But at least the Redbubble competition piece was a mix medium – watercolour, pastels and ink. (It’s the first one)

I also feel to some extent that doing the abstracts will help me become looser. Being loose is a must with watercolours if you want to be a realism impressionist. The week has been great as I’ve been able to paint today as I didn’t have a client in the afternoon. So I rushed home, stopping at the art supply store (of course) to pick up more canvases. So this afternoon I finished a piece for our Art Societies’ Exhibition “REBIRTH”. I hope you like them and don’t forget

“COME VISIT MY SITE AND CHECK MY ART ” at http://www.triniartstudio.net.

Preview of “redbubble”2


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