God is Good and Art is Alive

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been soooo busy, yes like a crazy person as usual. I’ve been on a drive to get my art out there and I’ve been…as you know…doing allot of acrylic abstracts but now I’m doing allot of miniature acrylic abstracts. They to have been so much fun, so I’m totally enjoying myself. The only challenge is time. I’ve been feeling extremely rushed and anxious because when I want to be painting I’m at my other job. But that pays the bills and my art doesn’t, at least not yet, so I can’t push it aside. Anyway, let me tell you about the great few weeks.

I say God is good because although I had that weird week of accidents. I visited my favourite art supply store again….yes again and who happens to be there? One of Trinidad and Tobago’s most amazing artist Jackie  Hinkson. I love his work and I kinda got star struck. He taught one of my art classes way way back, so I didn’t think he would remember me. I was oh so polite to him but he did catch me drooling…so embarrassing. I built up the courage to go talk to him and reminded him of where we met and he remembered the class. (BIG SMILE). The best part was, when he was leaving, he asked if I still painted and I said yes, but I’m doing some acrylics and less watercolour. However I intended to restart on the watercolours. He said yes watercolours are difficult but keep trying. He also offered to critique my work. Well people, I’m not one to waste or lose an opportunity. I definitely GRABBED that one. The same afternoon as soon as I returned home I sent him an email and 3 of my pieces to critique.

Do you know he really responded  and his feedback was so great and made me feel sooooo resolved to continue my painting and to know that I wasn’t on the wrong track. It confirmed me and now I’m off and running. The great thing is, we continue to correspond as I’ve sent him another watercolour and an abstract to hear his thoughts about them. He encouraged me to do Plein Air, which I know I need to do more often but I tend to avoid. Plein Air is hard, especially as the paint dries so quickly as you’re painting. Below is the Plein Air I attempted once and didn’t like, but I will take his advice and do one that is simple and see how that one turns out. Its a painting of the Haynes Manor by the savannah. See what I mean?

OK Guys I gotta go, talk soon and I will tell you more next week and don’t forget…CHECK MY WEBSITE http://www.triniartstudio.net and buy what you like.

Haynes Manor2


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