O Joy

Hi everyone, its been a hectic week with me helping my daughter with her university project, helping my mom with her doctor visits, organinsing for all the upmarkets i’m in, painting and dealing with my normal business clients. I guess thats why I came down with the flu, but it was fun tiring but nice.
I did my first upmarket this weekend where I was selling my art. Upmarkets are great because you meet really great people and your get to be seen, but I learnt that people don’t buy original art as its a bit pricey and they want bargain gift items for Christmas. So I know now that the smaller less expensive art pieces are what I need to carry.
Its a shame Trinidad doesn’t have a craft village like I saw in San Diego. They were separate cottages with cobblestoned pathways in between them and each cottage housed a different artisan. There were eating nooks and benches to sit and watch the trees, it was beautiful. Maybe one day Trinidad will have something like that. Ohhhhh!!!! And i must let you know that I sold 2 pieces at the upmarket. Thats a great feat as usually newbies dont sell anything until they’ve been selling in there 3rd upmarket. So I know what sells now.
Let me show you what I sold. I sold miniature abstracts and 9 x 12 abstracts on canvas panels.



The miniatures are my favourite. Love doing those. I must say my watercolour painting has taken a backseat but I will have to return to it soon or lose my nerve.
So that’s all for this week. Chat next week and Go Check My site and Buy what you love. Www.triniartstudio.net
Live you guys!!! :  )

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