Upmarket Frenzy

Hi everyone, well as my heading implies I’ve been hitting the upmarkets. I did one last weekend and another one this weekend as well as an Open House. All towards getting my face and artwork out there. I haven’t sold much but I met a lot of very interesting people and many people took my business cards and indicated they would call.
Ok. What’s an upmarket? It’s when someone or a team organises a spot for local vendors to come together to sell their products, normally locally made products. The team markets the event to get as many patrons as possible to visit and buy. The vendors pay for the table and set up their area themselves. You pay for the table and you get 2 chairs. There are upmarkets all over and you can book as many as you want. Some have been running for years and are more popular and pull larger crowds than others.
So from the upmarkets I have done so far I’ve learned allot about what people like, how they see art, how they choose art and how they purchase art. Trinidadians look for bargains and a person has to really love art or feel that a piece of art is inspiring enough to give as a gift because its different, for them to want to buy it.
We really need to make art more visible, easily accessible, surround the people with it so that it becomes a part of their psyche. Place it everywhere so the beauty of art enters peoples souls and lastly make it more affordable. But right now art is seen as something that the rich buy, its a luxury or its just to decorate a spot on a wall.
But Art is so much more than that. Its a stress reliever, its beauty right in your personal space, its culture, its peace and its feelings expressed. I hope one day even those who say ” I not into that” or ” thats not my thing”  change their words into…” that piece makes me feel good” or ” WOW! I’m buying that piece because i know it will ease my friends spirit”. Until then we Artist work hard to share our souls and our passion with others.
I really enjoy and love watching and being around people no matter what reaction my work receives. I did however get some really amazing reactions even if the person didn’t buy anything. One mother with her 2 daughters came to my table. The daughter likes Art but doesn’t paint. She loved my pieces but it was obvious they weren’t going to buy anything, but the mother said for some reason she couldn’t pull herself away from my table because my pieces were so relaxing to watch and she just didn’t want to leave. But eventually leave they did. I just smiled because even though they didn’t buy, the feeling it inspired was enough for me.
I got many reactions like that but people find it difficult to spend on art versus jewelry or something they can use. They don’t see how they can use Art, so its long term value is oblivious to many and that is why they don’t spend on art as easily as a woman would spend on food or jewelry or make up. One day…. sigh….one day it will change…one can only hope.
Anyway below is a pic of my table and I’ll share more next week. I have 2 more upmarkets. One this weekend and another in December so wish me blessings and sales and like i always say…..visit my site http://www.triniartstudio.net and send me a line or your opinion. All feedback is welcomed. Bye for now.






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