Highs & Lows

Hi everyone. I was killing some time the other day, and as I waited for my husband to pick me up, I started to think and enjoy the fact that people in Trinidad and Tobago live such different lives. Sometimes you get a short glimpse into someone else’s life and you realise how different they were brought up and you realise how different it was for them compared to how you were brought up. Then you also now acknowledge that’s why people behave and think and do things totally different from you.

Some people had very difficult lives, some had it very easy and others had a mixture of both. My life has been pretty blessed but there are things that I have never experienced or been exposed to but inspite of that I am the one responsible for my own happiness. I enjoy life….yes sometimes I feel down but I don’t let it linger. There is soooo much beauty out there and things to enjoy. Why waste time complaining or grumbling?

I visited an old boss a few weeks back and she is the epitomy of energy and life. I admire her greatly. She has aged but she has done it so well. Still a go getter and still extremely strong. I hope I am like that when I reach 75. I think surrounding yourself with nature heals you versus living in a concrete jungle. Give me mountains and trees and birds any day. It all adds up to a long lifespan.



Published by Gail Francis

Hi, I'm a mother of four, one boy and three girls ranging in ages from 26yrs to 22yrs. I own my own business that I run with my husband and we have no pets. We've had a variety of pets from dogs, cats fish etc, but things go wrong when we have pets so we decided that we are not pet people. I'm a creative person and I love to learn and share what I learn. Watercolour painting is my great love. I dream of having my art appreciated and hung on the walls of homes, offices, churches, anywhere that people can view them and start up a conversation about them. So that's a little about me, come peruse more of my site and ENJOY!!!

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