Completed at last

Completed at last

Hi Guys,….sorry about being late with my blog but as you saw from my last post we were having Carnival over here and that is like a huge celebration for 3 weeks straight and on Ash Wednesday everyone is either sleeping, took a day off, at the beach or working (kinda). Trinis (pronounced trin-knees) like to party and when Carnival rolls around its constant events and fete. I went to only 4 this year and I played jouvert.


But I’m really here to talk about my art site and the whole drive to sell my art. I started off setting up an Art blog a few years ago and I also set up an Etsy store to sell all of my watercolour paintings. I had just started out and I have to say, things were dismal. After like a year I was so disappointed and demotivated that I closed the Etsy store, and ignored the website.

New time, new zest. I got more involved in my Art and started selling in the Upmarkets here and people loved my work, bought my work and I even gathered a few followers who sought me out to say hello and to let me know how they felt about my pieces. I did a few exhibitions with different groups (no sales with any) and I did my own exhibition (sold some of my work). I’ve learned a lot and now I’ve reached that juncture in my life where I want some success with my Art business.

I run a successful Leadership Development Coaching business here in Trinidad and we make good money at least enough to allow 2 kids to study abroad and be comfortable (we pay our bills). All of our children have their degrees and are prepared  for life and know what they want to become and where they want to be in the future. I however, always wanted a second business that was fully mine. Yes I started this one and made my husband join me and now he runs it mainly but I want my Art to be a success online and that just isn’t as easy as one would think. Online is worse than competing with the many Artist in Trinidad. It’s like competing with that number times 100,000. So how does one stand out in that ocean of Online art.

It appears the answer is all about developing your skill in using Social Media. Social Media is the magic wand that grants your wish, but a magic wand, that one has to understand how to use it or else you’ll cause the wrong effect from your spell. I’m a baby to Social media BUT I’m learning. All this is the preamble to tell you that I’m late with my blog because I’v been updating my Art site on Squarespace and I created another Art site on WordPress. Plus I’ve been creating more professional Digital planners for the Business person. They’re different in that they deal with Leadership Activities that we normally don’t get help with, such as how to plan out how and who to delegate to, how to manage interruptions from team members, friends, family, and any significant other and how to set proper goals for achievement. Yes my planners are designed to help with the business aspect of your lives, those who have a business with staff.

No I’m not advertising…I hate when people do that….and I’ve noticed most of these sites are doing that. No I’m simply explaining how I was spending my time and what are the results. So you can go take a look at them on either site. OH YES!!! AND….I also set up a new Etsy shop…DUH…with me it’s all about creating and developing all these artistic things, be they digital or hand made… they are so much fun for me but now I think my husband is jealous of my laptop…because I spend more time looking at that screen than I do looking at his face.

This is my new Etsy shop. I just love what I’ve done with it. lol

Screenshot 2019-03-12 12.51.13

Compared to the Etsy store I created 4-5 years ago this one is great and soooo different, but it’s all due to how technology now makes it so easy to create when you can get stock pics easily and there are sites like Canva that make creating oh so easy. I LOVE THEM ALLLLLL!! Ok enough of that. I will talk some more later, so see you soon.

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