Life Can Be So Weird

Hi Guys…what a week! so many things have suddenly happened this week from me receiving my income tax refund…YIPPEE!!! to my husband’s mom getting really ill due to her diabetes. I don’t really understand how that works as it seems to fluctuate as it wants and to make it worse she has alzheimers. What do you do when a loved one gets ill? The feeling of helplessness is crippling. My aunt from Th US is also here and at the age of 82 she looks amazing. On one hand my husband’s mom who at 75 (I think) was once a vibrant amazingly strong woman/teacher is now totally unaware of life and her surroundings and is very ill now versus my aunt who was sickly at intervals but is looking strong and very healthy. What really dictates how you will end up physically?

Both women were similar in temperaments…full of life, mouthy, bright, energetic, strong yet one continues in that vein and the other doesn’t. I hope I stay strong to the end. Alzheimers seems to be attacking us humans everywhere without rhyme or reason. Here I want to take a look at diabetes. my mom has been taking medication for that for a few years now but we realised that the medication was making her depressed. Luckily for us our neighbour found out that mango leaf tea helps with body pains, diabetes and depression. She started bring the tea to my mom and people…after a year of drinking mango leaf tea my mom no longer walks with a cane, slight stooped. All the body pain is gone, she walks upright and normal like she used to and her depression has subsided tremendously. From a woman who called me 6 times a day crying to now I don’t get 1 call….that is a miracle of tremendous proportions.

I am eternally grateful to my mom’s neighbours Kathy and Henry. God bless them.

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