Hi everyone…. I wrote this post last year but I’m reposting it with some additions because I really think it can help some of us with certain issues….I’ve been in a quandary for quite a while because when I turned 50 my weight suddenly kept going up. No matter what I tried…walking, eating healthy…nothing seemed to work. I was frustrated and started to get a little depressed. I wasn’t used to being so heavy. My weight used to be 135lbs and now I was shooting to 152lbs and it wasn’t going down.

As usual, I started doing my research and I noted that at my age, with the whole menopause situation (read more on that in my blog, simply click on the highlighted words) , and the weight gain that it was inevitable I needed to find a solution. I didn’t want to continue feeling uncomfortable with my body. What I found is that you can get it under control but it takes determination and discipline. Aside from continuing to exercise and doing the right type of exercises, you also needed to watch what you put into your body, so eating health was important.


Nutrition or eating healthy meant cutting out carbs, sugar, drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and drinking drinks that would assist with the weight loss, like tea. Lucky for me I am a tea drinker. I found that if you want to slim down, drinking regular tea can be part of your strategy. In Trinidad we drink a lot of tea, coffee or juice, the best being tea. Some of the teas listed below you may not know because they are brewed only in Trinidad using our local fruit trees like the sour sop tree and the different mango trees that we have in abundance.

The mango leaf tea is great for diabetics who tend to have body pains and aches. My mother was one of those and after drinking mango leaf tea (yes any mango tree’s leaf. 2 leaves steeped in boiling water) for about a year all her pains were gone and now instead of walking stooped over, she is walking pain free and upright. A MIRACLE!!!! because it was preventing her from going out as she was so uncomfortable, so she would quickly want to return home when we took her on an outing to get out of the house. So using teas to detox the body helps as the best detox teas and for other ailments as well. Theses are just some of the great teas available:

  1. Red Tea
  2. Burdock Tea. …
  3. Milk Thistle Tea. …
  4. Cayenne Pepper Tea. …
  5. Garlic Tea. …
  6. Ginger Tea. …
  7.  Mango leaf Tea
  8. Tumeric Tea
  9. Morenga Tea
  10. Sour Sop Tea

So I’ve been drinking tea and I also do everything else that is necessary because the only guaranteed way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat clean, whole foods and exercise consistently, drink the right tea and drink a lot of water, especially once you’ve turned 45 and over. The teas are very good for detoxing the body which helps with cleansing the body and removing toxins. I hate to exercise but I love tea so doing this is easy for me and I must say the detoxing has caused me to lose like 2-3 pounds.

Aside from the teas that are good for detoxing there are teas such as green tea, peppermint tea and ginger tea that are the top choices for people who wish to flatten their stomach using all natural herbal teas. So add this to your regime, give it a try and see if it works for you. I’ve attached a link below so you can get a discount if you decide to try Red Tea.

red tea detox

 I love tea so I wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t great. I drink tea everyday and all different types. My daughter recently told me that we are supposed to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I can barely drink 3 glasses, but she says that based on science and from her research she saw where it was said that drinking a cup of tea is equivalent to drinking a glass of water. That made me feel so good because now I can count those into the glasses of water and I can say I drink at least 7 glasses of water ( 3 glasses of water and 4 cups of tea. Yipeee!!!). So try this brand and see if it helps you.

Where exercise is concerned, you will notice links on the word to my blog post on an exercise I use that helped me to lose 7 pounds in 3 weeks. It also built up my stamina and strength. Check it out if you want to do both detox and exercise to get that pesky weight down. I’ve added a tracker for that exercise free for your use. Hope you try it out. it really works.


**This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of my links, I may receive a commission or credit at no additional cost to you.**

If you’re interested in the mango leaf tea this is the process:


  1. Pick or get 2-3 mango leaves (doesn’t matter what type of mango tree)
  2. Put the leaves to boil in a small pot with about 5 cups of water.
  3. Once the water starts to boil take off the stove, let it cool, strain
  4. Pour into a thermos to stay warm
  5. Drink during the day.
  6. Prepare this everyday and drink the tea with or without sugar every day until the body pains are gone.

Hope this was helpful and send me a comment if the tea has helped remove your pain. If you feel odd or get any symptoms that are uncomfortable then stop drinking the tea. I don’t see why that should happen as the mango tree has no bad properties but for safety maybe you should stop. I am not a doctor and this is organic and categorised as a herb so again if any untoward feelings occur stop immediately.

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