How To Get Stuck On Someone

Hi Guys… this isn’t what it seems. What I mean by this statement is that I realise why some people and especially young people or people who aren’t strong within themselves can become addicted to following an individual, like a movie star or become dependent on being around or hearing what a certain person has to say. They are compelled because that other person seems to understand ow they feel or represent something they want or is looking for. I recently wasn’t doing much painting and i’ve even stopped exercising because I was simply burnt out from all the effort I was making to stay fit and lose weight or at least stay within a certain weight range.

Then I discovered this youtube artist and it was like he was speaking straight to me and everything he was saying resonated deeply within me. He was saying all the things I needed to hear. I subscribed to his channel of course and then I looked at every video he made and i was hooked on getting the next one. I really enjoyed him and his wife as they were so easy going, free with their opinions and very funny. That is what captured my attention, they were the kind of funny that I was, at least how me and my brother are when we’re together.

Then today I discovered that listening to their videos was not only relaxing for me but they tended to be great motivators when I didn’t feel like doing something. I also started feeling a little disappointed when they hadn’t posted any new video, so I would look at the old ones. It made me realise that this is why people can get addicted to someone. They want to be them, they want to live through them and they want to be like them. But what a person has to do is be themselves, enjoy their own life. They can enjoy learning and being motivated by another person but it mustn’t be the end all and be all. Every one should know themselves, understand their strengths and weaknesses and be happy with who they are.

Humans must like themselves, like who they are, the good and the bad parts. I reached that point many years ago so other people’s opinion doesn’t determine what I believe or do. I determine what I want to do or become and I know myself. Self esteem is a topic I spoke about in one of my former posts. Humans must be cautious about not getting too much into depending on someone else to please them, motivate them or make their decisions. Relying on someone so strongly is the road to disappointment and hurt. If the person does disappoint you, if you are strong within yourself. it won’t matter, you will get hurt, be disappointed but then you are quickly able to move on.

If you’re unable to move on then you are too dependent on another person’s opinion and you aren’t living you, you’re living their way based on what they say or tell you to do. I coach people everyday to know who they are, what do they want in life, where are they going in life and who do they want to become? Most never know what is their purpose or what they want to become but the first step in the right direction is becoming aware of those question in the first place. Once you’ve made them aware of these questions and they want to at least know what is their purpose or where they want to be in the next 5 years, the person starts to think and question themselves and their life. More questions are asked and they want to determine their answers.

I look forward to watching the videos of my fellow artist and his wife, they make me laugh and they give great advice,they’ve also helped to push my thoughts in the right direction in an area that is new ground to me. I have lots to learn still and I am still discovering a lot more about the Artist in me and I thank them for the answers to some of my question while at the same time making me laugh, but I know I’m not obsessed with them or so hooked that I get carried away with following them. No I’ve not turned into a STAUKER!!!

I’ve become a student to their teachings on a topic I’m unfamiliar and students eventually graduate and move on to do more and grow within their field of study. I will soon graduate and I may no longer view their videos. I may move on to someone else based on my interest at the time but they have played an important role in guiding me at period in my development and I thank them for it.

Thanks for reading my post guys and look forward to our next posts. Later guys.

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Published by Gail Francis

Hi, I'm a mother of four, one boy and three girls ranging in ages from 26yrs to 22yrs. I own my own business that I run with my husband and we have no pets. We've had a variety of pets from dogs, cats fish etc, but things go wrong when we have pets so we decided that we are not pet people. I'm a creative person and I love to learn and share what I learn. Watercolour painting is my great love. I dream of having my art appreciated and hung on the walls of homes, offices, churches, anywhere that people can view them and start up a conversation about them. So that's a little about me, come peruse more of my site and ENJOY!!!

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