Cutting the Coconuts

Hi guys….I’m placing a video that is a bit funny. I spent a great day a few weekends back with some girlfriends and while there she wanted her yard helper to pick some coconuts for us so we can have some coconut water. I don’t know if any of you evert tasted fresh coconut water but its not only very good for you but its also really refreshing. Getting real coconut water and jelly is normal in Trinidad. There are coconut vendors all over especially in the city.

In this video the gentleman climbed two coconut trees, I think as he saw all these women he couldn’t resist showing off a bit. He even did a weaponry display with his cutlass after he had picked the coconuts but unfortunately when I thought I was filming him, my phone was on camera. I was so upset because he did an amazing performance and explained that he once was part of the Trinidad and Tobago Weaponry team that represented Trinidad and many of the Commonwealth games. To look at him you would never have guessed, he looked like a wanderer.

I hope you enjoy it and you can always leave me a comment or go to my Youtube channel if you weren’t able to see the video properly. My channel is Gail “Gafra” Francis to view it.

Check you next week and have a great weekend.

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