Rain,Rain,and Its Rainy Season

Hi guys…… Well lucky for me today, I don’t have any afternoon appointment. After my morning coaching session I have to visit the bank to wire money to my daughter in florida, go pick up my painted bottles from a shop that was displaying them then I’m free to do what I want. But I’m an Artist, so aside from painting, as you must now realise, I run my own Executive Coaching Business alongside my husband. Anyway, I ended up free after lunch, sooooo…I decided to deal with my errands then go home.

When I got to the shop to collect my bottles I saw the darkest and creepiest black cloud in the distance. It definitely didn’t look good. I wanted to be home before that got here. Luckily, it started drizzling as I was putting the box of bottles in my car. I stopped to buy some bar-b-cue chicken and the rain held up. But as I’m heading home now it started to rain….and rain… and rain.. and rain. We’ve been getting sporadic rain here, unlike the other Caribbean Islands, Trinidad doesn’t get bombarded by Storms or hurricanes anymore. They seem to pass us and hit many of the other Islands. The Bahamas was hit badly last month, and last year Tortola, and the islands in that area were badly hit, even Barbados.

To date this year the rain has been crazy. We’ve been having weird, sporadic, rainy days EVER, due to tropical depressions. It has rained almost every day in the last 3 weeks or more. Because sometimes the canals are clogged, there are areas or spots that flood when you least expect it. I was visiting my mother and it started to rain, by the time I reached my area I had to drive through some fairly high water that was flowing over a bridge. It is scary and you simply hope that that isn’t the time for your car to break down. So you drive past quickly. Last year the flooding was so bad that people had to be rescued. Houses were flooded up to their ceilings, tops of cars. It was bad!! My assistant lost everything as did a lot of other people. and one or two of my friends…and I mean they lost fridges, stoves, entire living room sets and even their cars.

Fortunately in times like these people come together to help and give. There were drivers everywhere to get items to those in need. We always persevere and people were re-enstated as quickly as possible. But some homes can’t be saved and that is the difficult part. Where are these families to go. Some are lucky to have family they can turn to but what about those who don’t.

My meteorologist friend tends to be our warning system as if one of us hears about some impending storm that may approach us and that message is being spread on Whatsapp, we always check with her first to confirm and if its false we pass that on to everyone else so no one starts to panic for no reason. Unfortunately there are people out there who purposely send out messages like that to panic the public, not sure what their objective is but, its mean and wrong. But she sent us a message that there is a small front that maybe heading our way but its small and she will keep us updated. This weekend I hope it doesn’t rain because it was y mothers birthday this week and my brother an I want to take my mom for lunch so I hope we have a great day.

I have to say that after the rain today, outside looked clean and so peaceful and pretty. Rain can be harsh but it is also a blessing. ll. This island just amazes me with the weather changes these days. OH! And the electricity went out for a few hours as well today, but its back now. Ahhhhhh!!! Air conditioning again. This place can get pretty warm even at night. This brings me to a piece I did one weekend when the weather was a bit dismal and foggy. Yes I said foggy. I live in a valley that is surrounded by mountains so when it rains and the temperature drops it gets very misty in the mornings. It so lovely and cozy. I love it. The piece is called “Rainy Day in Santa Cruz”. It has a somber look but I hope you like it. Any feedback is welcomed. Don’t be too brutal though. Thanks.

Rainy Day in Santa Cruz

Going back to the bad rainy weather. It’s also very interesting that while some have been devAs I stated, with the bad flooding last year, there are those who go on with their everyday lives and are untouched by all the chaos and calamity the rain causes. Life is funny that way. Some get hit hard and others don’t.

Is it that we need to learn something when these things happen? Or is it a message from the great God above? Or does he want us to think about others other than ourselves? One thing is for sure…at these times it pushes home the question…Why is the flooding so bad and getting worst? What isn’t being done or what is being done incorrectly?

Lets hope it doesn’t rain too badly this year and people who suffered don’t go through that again this year. And if you like my painting you can have it as your own, you can buy it right here.


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