Amazon Reviews – Episode 3, Part 1

Hi Guys….I’ve been writing these reviews so you get a view into my likes and dislikes and the type of items I buy. And you get a review on how these items worked for me. I’ll also put direct links to the products in case you want to see them on Amazon.

**This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you for products you purchase via this website. I may make a small commission but it allows me to continue this blog, so thank you.**

The Format of the Comments/Reviews:

I’ve bought lots of things and some of them have been really crappy and some I still use to this day. Unlike most countries sending back items, for us here in Trinidad its a little more difficult and costly, so we tend to just accept the loss and dump the product as a mistake. So the categories I’m sharing here is: 1. Clothing & Shoes 2. Home & Garden – Episode 2, Part 1 3. Episode 3, Part 1

So, lets get started….

Arches 200177170 Watercolor Block Cold Press, 12X16-Inch, 20 SheetsGET THEM HERE – I rank this an 8

  • Paper made with natural cotton fibers on a cylinder-mold machine
  • Great for watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and airbrushing
  • Made with a natural gelatin sizing
  • 20 sheets of natural white, acid free, 100% cotton paper
  • 12″X16″ cold press 140lb / 300g
  • Price USD $50.92


I was introduced to these watercolour art blocks a few years ago. I enjoy using them versus taping watercolour paper to a large board. With these boards you can paint on them immediately as they are very firm and once you’ve completed your piece you simply slit the page away from the board. See them here: From 1 to 10 – I give this an 8 rating.

Holbein Artist Watercolor opera 5 ml [PACK OF 2 ]GET THEM HERE – I rank this a 8.5


It’s not a colour that I use often but it is a great colour. The pigment is very strong.

Winsor & Newton Series 250 Squirrel Pointed Wash Brushes 3/0SEE IT HERE – I rank this a 7


  • Small Brush
  • Strong squirrel hair
  • Price: USD $19.99


It’s not a brush I’ve ever seen over here, then I heard and saw someone use one and I bought one myself. I like how it moves but when I bought this one i guess I didn’t read the details so this was smaller than I thought. that I use often but it is a great colour. The pigment is very strong. Very good brush though. See it here

Martin Universal Design Watercolor Palette, Blue CaseGET IT HERE – I rank this a 7 rating

  • Leakproof and airtight palette for watercolour or oil paint keeps colours fresh for weeks
  • 24 slanted wells with two (2) generous mixing areas
  • Colours appear the same on both the palette and watercolour paper
  • Removable mixing tray for easy cleaning
  • Perfect for the classroom, travel and plein air painting and used by students, the occasional user as well as professional artists


This palette holds a lot of colours and that’s why I bought it. Plus I liked that it closed and the palette was removable for easy cleaning. I bought this in 2016 and I use it occasionally because I realised that I needed a larger palette.

DecoBros Desk File Sorter Organizer, 5 Sections, BlackGET IT HERE – I rank this a 7.5


  • Space-saving mesh wire design
  • Five sections sorter to keep document organized
  • Holds for file folder, binder or envelope
  • 8.3” L x 12.8” W x 6.7” H
  • USPTO Patent USD776196
  • Price USD $14.97


This organiser came in handy to hold all of my small acrylic canvas panels and canvas blocks so that they are easily accessible. No I don’t use this organiser for paper or files or documents, I use it for my art panels.

Sakura 39122 9-ml Tank Koi Water Color Brush, Mediumsee it here – I rank this a 7

  • Koi water brush is designed for the easy transportation and storage of water when you’re away from home or the studio
  • The brush separates into two parts a fine, flexible brush tip and a barrel handle with a plug to carry the water
  • The comfortable grip is great for controlled blending, shading and highlighting
  • Available in medium size
  • Comes in 9-ml barrel tank
  • Price: USD$5.46


This brush is convenient but I haven’t used it as much as I should so I can’t say too much. I’m still to really use it to the max.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, Medium Nib + 5 Black Ink Cartridges (Yellow)SEE IT HERE – I rank this a 9

  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, + 5 Black Ink Cartridges
  • Medium nib. Compatible with a Z24 cartridge converter, this is sold separately
  • Comes with free Creoly pen sleeve
  • Made in Germany
  • What’s in the box? 1 x Lamy Safari Fountain Pen 5 x Black Lamy Ink Cartridges 1x Creoly Pen Sleeve
  • Price: USD$21.41


This is my favourite of all pens. A fountain pen with class and such a smooth flow. I got introduced to this by one of my clients and I loved it so much I ordered another colour…white as well as a wider nib. I never thought I would spend that much on a pen but WOW!! wish I could get more colours and the more expensive ones……it’s great for calligraphy, drawing mandalas and simply for writing in your journal. I LOVE THESE PENS!!!

Waterman 50ml Ink Bottle for Fountain Pens, Intense Black Ink (S0110710)see it here – I rank this an 8


  • Bottled ink for all WATERMAN Fountain Pens
  • Liquid ink produces an intense line in brilliant colours
  • The choice of generations, black collides dramatically with the page to underscore the impact of your words with enduring clarity
  • The ritual of filling ink from a bottle enhances the noble experience of using classic fountain pens
  • Composition:Dye based
  • Price: USD$11.29


I bought this to go along with the pen, even though the pen came with cartridges I felt they finished quickly because I was using the pen so often so I bought the bottle of ink and a filler.

Lamy Refill Converter (Z24)see it here – I rank this a 9


  • Piston operated converter
  • Converter for fountain pen models of AL-star, joy, Safari and vista.
  • Replaces T10 ink cartridges
  • Price: USD$5.67


With this converter i didn’t need to buy any cartridges as i could fill my pen continuously as required. So I bought 2 converters as I eventually bought another Lamy pen. i have 2 one with a thin nib and one with a thicker nib.

Lamy Refills Steel Replacement Nib 1.5mm Accessory see it here – I rank this an 8

  • Steel 1.5 mm nib
  • Replacement nib for Lamy fountain and calligraphy pens
  • Cursive (italic) nib allows the writer to create a script with different stroke weights
  • Perfect for beautiful penmanship

This is just an accessory for the Lamy pen and i love it. Great for calligraphy.

Minimalism Art, Soft Cover Notebook Journal, A5 Size 5.8 X 8.3 inches, Berry, Ruled Lined Page, 176 Pages, Fine PU Leather, Premium Thick Paper-100gsm, Ribbon Bookmark, Designed in San FranciscoSEE IT HERE – I rank this a 7.5

  • Size: 5.8″ x 8.3″; A5,; 176 Pages/88 Sheets; Page Layout: Ruled/Lined; Paper Weight: 100 gsm
  • Premium Smooth PU leather Soft Cover; Sturdy design ensures your journal will last for years to come
  • Premium Thick Paper – 100gsm: Excellent for fountains pens and ink. No feathering and bleeding. Thick paper.Strong Binding: The pages don’t get peeled away from the cover. Rounded case binding is holding the pages tight.
  • We have Both “Ruled”,”Plain”, “Dotted” and” Squared” Version, “A4”, “A5”, “B5”, “A6″and “A7″ Size,”Soft Leather Cover” and “Hard Leather Cover” .Please find them in our store
  • Price:USD$12.99


I started Bullet journaling and doing designing my own planner. I was introduced to washi tapes to design and decorate my journal and I fell in love with them and bought so many that I have a container full of washi tapes, but I use them all the time. Loved this Bullet journal as it was very soft and I packed it with a lot of washi tape designs and other things.

30 Rolls Gold Foil Washi Tape – 15mm Wide Japanese Masking Tape for Scrapbook, Bullet Journal, Planner, Arts & CraftsSEE IT HERE – I rank this an 8

  • DIMENSIONS:Total 30 rolls,each roll 15mm (0.6 inch) Wide x 4 Meters Long (13 feet).
  • FANTASTIC DESIGN and STYLE:Cute patterns with gold foil to suit your creative needs from decorating planners ,walls, phone cases ,gift cards, and gift wrapping. Washi Tapes
  • A PRETTY GIFT SET :Good present for homemakers to trendy teens and artsy kids.It’s great fun across different age groups.
  • Sticky and REMOVABLE :Easy to clean,without leaving any sticky residue.
  • Price: USD $13.99

Sinceroduct Planner Stickers Set. Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planner Stickers (Productivity Set) 24 Sheets, Over 1000 PCSsee it here – I rank this an 8

  • ✔Super Value: It includes 12 sheets over 500 stickers. Plus, we add another copy in it in case you want to use a pattern repeatedly. THAT IS TURE! There is a total of 24 sheets of stickers in 1 set.
  • ✔High quality& Safe: Since product planner stickers are made of premium quality paper and powerful glue. They are easy to stick and peel. We provide you durable colorful high-quality planner stickers sincerely.
  • ✔Make plans & Set goals: Our Since product planner stickers help you get organized and make schedules for life. Different themes: Life schedule & Study & Reminders & Inspirational quote &Holiday& Weather & Family& errands.

Later guys. Sorry men…that there isn’t much here for you unless you’re looking to buy something for the lady in your life.

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