Carnival Is Quickly Approaching

Hi Guys….as you know Trinidad & Tobago is the land of the Steel Pan/Drum, Parties/Fetes and Costume parades and that time is quickly approaching. Carnival is carded for February 24 and 25, which is a short distance away.

The Fetes or partis have started and that means every weekend there will be a few fetes happening. Then there will be fetes during the work week as well as on the weekends. madness in the house. We will also see an influx of tourist and Foreign Trinis flocking into Trinidad for the parties and Carnival itself. Trinis book their costumes online with the different Mass Bands, so there costumes are here waiting for them when they arrive. Some are now also buying tickets for Jouvert and the parties online. It’s getting very difficult to get tickets for certain fetes, you have to know someone who knows someone who is involved n the distribution of the tickets.

My son has his own event group so he is starting to get busy organising their fetes. I haven’t been to any of his yet But I may try one this year. My husband and I aren’t sure what we’ll be doing this year but we tend to fall into the normal flow of going to 3-4 fetes, playing jouvert then relaxing on Carnival Tuesday. It all depends on our finances because the costumes are pricey and the fetes aren’t cheap either.

If a Trini has friends or family visiting to experience Carnival, its easy because there is so much to do. You can go out every night until the next day then go straight into another party that same morning. It’s crazy and there are some people who do exactly that. Sorry, I’m not into that plus you need to have real energy to go that route.

Just to explain…in Trinidad we have 2 days where different Carnival Bands dance through the streets in their fantastic costumes on Carnival Monday 4th March and Tuesday 5th March. Carnival bands are organized groups made up of participants who pay for costumes fashioned by a designer and assembled by teams of volunteers. The costumed participants dance through the streets to the sounds of a steel band, a soca band or a d.j.

carnival band costumes

Note: Historians say they believe the first “modern” Caribbean Carnival originated inTrinidad and Tobago in the late 18th century when a flood of French settlers brought the Fat Tuesday masquerade party tradition with them to the island, although Fat Tuesday celebrations were almost certainly taking place at least a century.

The 2 or 3 weeks before those two days there are hundreds of events like Steelpan Competitions (know as Panorama), Calypso Competitions (Groovy, Power, Chutney, Calypso and Ex Tempo), All Inclusive fetes, Cooler fetes, and more. All Inclusive fetes are parties you pay around $150USD and you get as much food as you want, drinks of all kinds – cocktails, champaign, mixed drinks – live calypso or Groovey singers….only the best of the best Trini Kaiso and Soca entertainers.

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A fête, or fete, is an elaborate festival, party or celebration. In Trinidad, fêtes are traditional public festivals, held outdoors and organised to raise funds for a charity or just for personal profit. They typically include entertainment and the sale of goods and refreshments.

Note: Steelpan- a percussion instrument originating in Trinidad, made out of an oil drum with one end beaten down and divided by grooves into sections to give different notes.

So I’m not sure what will happen this year but no matter what I’ll come back and give you a run down on what we did and I’ll try to take some videos if possible. So stay in touch. I will check you soon.

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