cropped-20150604_132854.jpgMy name is Gail, I’m a mother of four,and I live in the Caribbean on the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. I own my own Leadership Development Company that I run with my husband. We have no pets, we used to. We had dogs, cats, fish but they don’t seem to survive with us so we realised that we are not pet people, although we all love animals. (that changed in 2019 when my daughter got a cat and she survives to this day) . We go to church every Sunday and we are very spiritual. God is the most important thing in our lives. Trinidadians are very prayerful and this is important to most Trinidadians, we believe God guides and works to keep us safe.

I love to paint mainly watercolours and acrylic abstracts and recently I’ve journeyed into mixed media. I’ve been painting for the past 8 years and its my zen…..best way to put it. I go into a zen state when I begin to paint, to the point of forgetting to eat. All you artist know what I mean…. : ) I played a lot of cricket, badminton, volleyball, lawn tennis and table tennis in my younger days and I can still give anyone a run for their money in any of those sports. Sorry didn’t like hockey…..too much bending…. and rugby was just to rough for me.

I’ve decided to develop this blog to share the different things I know, experience, my opinion and the different things I find interesting. This blog is aside from my art site where I sell my artwork, printables, tees, courses and much more. On this online studio site I share my  life journey. So if you want to see all of my different sides visit out the sites mentioned above. CHECK ME HERE


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