Hello everyone, my name is Gail and I’m from the twin Islands of Trinidad & Tobago. I write blogs on this site every Monday and Thursday, mainly about whatever is happening at the time or whatever is happening here in Trinidad or whatever I am feeling or anything I’ve learned that I think might be helpful to you. I’m a Business Coach, Artist, Blogger and an Online Entrepreneur. Giving freedom to my creativity is my big things in whatever form that may be, so I share my life and my journey here. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

Please enjoy my bogs and you can always leave me a comment or share something about yourself. I’m always happy to link up with someone new.

How Much Is Art Worth

Hi Everyone…I have to vere off of sharing more about this whole Covid 19 time I wanted to talk about the market I did a few months back I wanted to talk about something different for a while to take our mind off of the situation at hand. It was well attended and there were …


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