The Launch of My Virtual Art Exhibition

Hi Guys…on June 28th 2020 at 4:00pm my time I’ll be launching my Virtual Art Exhibition. It will be a sharing, a bit of music, and an art tour. I’m attaching my intro video and Facebook ad. If you’re interested in getting the zoom link directly then send me your email address so you canContinue reading “The Launch of My Virtual Art Exhibition”

Working From Home and the Changes It Brings

Hi guys… due to Covid most of us were forced to work from home. I’ve been working from home for 2 years now and I love it but most people aren’t used to this so it took some time to handle the transition. I too had to make some changes and one of them wasContinue reading “Working From Home and the Changes It Brings”

What Happens After Covid and BLM

Hi guys…..don’t worry I’m not going into the whole Protesting things and the unfairness that Blacks encounter. My main question is what happens after all of these Big Situations? Will we go back to normal? Will we change and what will change specifically? Will we have new behaviours? I’m always curious as to do weContinue reading “What Happens After Covid and BLM”

Covid Update – What’s Happening In My Country

Hi Guys… today as I went to Mass in my bedroom…yes I’m a Catholic and since churches aren’t allowed to be open until the government says so we have Mass via TV with our Archbishop. He does Mass every day including Sundays and I must say he is amazing. He is so vibrant and hisContinue reading “Covid Update – What’s Happening In My Country”

Despite Covid – Let’s Go To My Art Exhibition

Hi guys….during this time I’ve been keeping busy. I was also supposed to have my Art Party/Exhibition at the end of the month, but that’s a no go due to Covid. So I did some research…you know me… and I tried to find other ways to maybe set up a Virtual Exhibition and guess what??!!Continue reading “Despite Covid – Let’s Go To My Art Exhibition”