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Hi guys….in Trinidad, outside of my 3 blogs (gafra.org, gafraihairu.com & Triniartstudio.org) my income comes from running my own Consultancy Business with my husband. I’ve been coaching and training individuals for the past 24 years. We are both Leadership Coaches, so on a daily basis I’m coaching executives – young and old on how to manage their people and themselves. I’m offering this Mini Series 6 Week E-Course on “How To Get What You Want”. It will be made up of 6 episodes with , worksheet(s), checklist(s), planner(s) etc available or given freely.


The objective of this mini series is to help people understand what it is they need to do to be able to stand fast and go after what they want in life and what they need to change in their lives to be able to do this.  I would like to know what you think so I’m putting this quiz on this blog post to find out what you would like to get help with.

Enroll if you want to make a change for 2019. Mini Series E-course.


Thank you for your time and assistance with this. Looking forward to creating this course for you all.

Gail CircularHi, I’m Gail known as GaFra. I want your help to design an E-course that targets your needs. I have years of experience coaching Leaders, managers, executives, young people and Supervisors and general staff. I’m not on the general E-course bandwagon on how to do Blogs. Not interested in that and it’s not my speciality. I’ve been a trainer, facilitator, coach for the last 24years, now I want to help virtually/online, where you need it most, so tell me where that is. Where can I help?




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