The Joys of Art

Hi Everyone, I’m on a major joy ride lately because I’m trying to set up my blog and my art store. It’s been an interesting journey as I do all my relevant research, which entails, googling info on web sites and web hosting.  Reading books about starting your online business and trying to figure out how to set up all the different sites. Being on social media is also a first for me, but quite exciting. I’ve enrolled on twitter, facebook, instagram, wixsite, Etsy, Artpal, Big Cartel, Redbubble, Tictail, Fineartamerica and WordPress. OK yes I went a little overboard but when you’re in a testing/figuring out phase, you hear about all these different options, you register then BAM!!… you find about another one, you register and then BAM!!…you know how that ends.

I’ve started filtering and making decisions as to which ones to keep and which to cancel. Its easy to decide as you go with the ones that fulfil your requirements and are….wait for it……the ones that are FREE!!!!. I must say there are some extremely wonderful sites that are so easy to use and also fun to try to figure out. There are also those that are very frustrating to use. Arhhhhh!!!   But I’ve found some great ones to. What I do dislike though, is the way they advertsie one price but you have to pay for the year or they indicate one discounted price but it goes back to the full price after a year. That is just annoying, but I guess everything is to make money… so capitalism lives.

So people I’m having soooo much fun…sigh…life is good and before I go, I have to recommend one book that was amazing for me. It was “Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon. I just loved that book. Have to read it again. I bought his second book “Steal Like An Artist” but I’m still to read that. Instead I decided to read “Art inc.” by Lisa Congdon. This book is a great guide to understand all you need to do to strat your Art business and it has been a really great read. Well that’s it for now, see everyone next week. Love to you all!!!

Ohhhh I almost forgot: Of course I must feature one of my art pieces to close.

Pan in Practice

Pan in Practice

If you weren’t aware, Trinidad is known for its steel pan/drum. We have an entire festival with bands of steel pan groups playing featured music pieces or songs in a competition called Panorama, where the prize is a million dollars. This is a charcoal piece showing a small sized band practicing in a Pan Yard for an upcoming Panorama Competition.


Rough Day

Hi Everyone, the last few days have been rough. Had to take my mom to the hospital for some  tests. Don’t worry…she’s fine, but at that age (76) they tend to worry about everything…afraid to be alone, afraid of dieing, afraid to die alone…It’s endless and no matter how you try to appease them, they worry, which then causes them to become ill. My mom had an anxiety attack which of course caused her to be rushed to the hospital Once there, she started to recover. She doesn’t want to accept that you can’t worry about things that are out of your control, like aging and the aches that come along with it.

I once got this morbid push to sketch a funeral that was going on at my church. Some think its morbid I don’t. Funerals allow me to appreciate what I have, and who I have, as well as appreciate life. This funeral was particularly sad but i needed to sketch it. So I did. Life is what it is. Just enjoy every moment, the good parts and the bad and simply live!!!

This is the piece below. It didn’t come out the way I wanted it to as I restricted myself by using India ink which is unforgiving and permanent. But the message is obvious. DEATH HAPPENS!!! LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST. LOVE TO THE FULLEST.

To all those lost in Las Vegas, I send condolences and peace on all the families.


Rain,Rain,and More Rain

Hi everyone,

Well lucky for me today, my afternoon appointment cancelled. By the way aside from painting, I run my own Executive Coaching Business alongside my husband. Anyway, I ended up free after lunch, sooooo…I decided to go buy some soft pastels and get a few of my smaller abstract pieces matted. I’m considering doing an Art show in November, so I’ll need my work to look professional. I’ve also recently discovered how helpful it is to use soft pastels to “fix” some of my watercolour “ooopses”. Yes I tend to go the muddy route because I over work my pieces or they can be a bit light or faded looking (I can’t seem to stop fiddling ugh! . Then, TADDA!!!! Pastels to the rescue. I pulled out a piece that looked washed out and my goodness that pastel just brightened it up. Sigh!!! It looks so much better.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. Went off track there. WhenIi got home, i got zoned out working on a piece then it started to rain….and rain… and rain..The airconditoning repair guys came to gas my ACs. Poor fellas, they left in flood like rain. And flood it did. My husband couldn’t come home because one of the rivers overflowed its banks and covered the main access road. So he turned back, went to our favourite place to relax and eat…Vie Le France and chilled until the water subsided. Of course my friends were posting flood pics on Whatsapp like seasoned news reporters.

But now its quiet as can be, as if rain never fell. This island just amazes me with the weather changes these days. OH! And the electricity went out for an hour or two but its back now. Ahhhhhh!!! Airconditioning again. This place can get pretty warm even at night. This brings me to a piece I did one weekend when the weather was a bit dismal and foggy. Yes I said foggy. I live in a valley that is surrounded by mountains so when it rains and the temperature drops it gets very misty in the mornings. It so lovely and cozy. I love it. The piece is called “Rainy Day in Santa Cruz”. It has a somber look but I hope you like it. Any feedback is welcomed. Don’t be too brutal though. Thanks.

Rainy Day in Santa Cruz

Breakfast Like No Other

Hi Everyone, I’m back. Today I have to share that this week was very busy but one thing that saves me from starting the day badly…….that is….on a empty stomach is something we call DOUBLES!!! It’s a reallll quick breakfast. This is verrry popular in Trinidad and Tobago. We have it for breakfast or lunch or even dinner.

What is it like? Its 2 flat, thin, round like fried bakes that are placed on a sheet of paper and filled with curried chick peas, channa and potato. Hot Pepper or cucumber chow or sweet tamarind chutney is added as per the buyer’s request. Then 2 more flat bakes are placed on top and the entire thing is folded in the paper. It is soooo delicious and filling and is sold at the side of the road by vendors at different locations throughout the country.

The doubles are kept in a wooden box with different compartments for the different ingredients. This allows it to stay hot. The vendor protects himself from the elements …rain, hot sun…with an umbrella overhead. Each vendor also has there own special name, like “Source Doubles” or “UWI Doubles”. My Watercolour piece “Licensing Vendor” is a painting of a doubles vendor located outside of the Licensing Building. The institution where you get your drivers permit, do driving tests, and transfer vehicles.

See my painting below.


Licensing Doubles

Licensing Doubles Vendor

Come See My Art

Hi Guys, this is one of my pieces. So what’s the story behind this piece called “Gran Couva Huts”? Well, ever so often my husband and I go for a drive into a semi country area where there is this estate or garden center that sells plants. On the way you pass these huts that once formed part of an old plantation. The people who worked on this plantation lived in these huts. Even today there are still a few families that live in one or two of them.

I wanted to give you a preview into my art and what types of stories will come along with them. For this piece, the huts themselves and how they looked captured my attention. They had a sense of history about them seeing as they are in Gran Couva, a place known for having the finest cocoa in the world. This is due to the soil and the climate converging to create a cocoa that makes the best chocolate ever. I work in Watercolour. After taking the photo I then render it  and maybe a few days later I start painting. I leave it to look at it for a few days to decide if it needs to be tweeked, then I’m done. So Trini lovers bye for now, we will chat again soon.

My Debut Into Blogging

Hello Everyone, Today is my debut into the world of Blogging. This is very exciting for me as I now have an avenue to share all of my thoughts as well as my art and what I go through to create my pieces, of the different scenes, events and great things that happen in my home country of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. Life in the Caribbean is never boring and I portray that life style in my Art. So now you are going to hear and share it all by following a Caribbean mother, born and bred in Trinidad. Come along for the ride. It will be very interesting.

First blog post

Hello Everyone,

I’m finally starting up a blogggg!!!. Why? Because everyone’s doing it…HaHa… no that’s not why. I’ve finally found a way to share my thoughts with others and to talk about my country and share that with you out there. My home country of Trinidad and Tobago is an amazing place with amazing people. We’re a twin Island off the  north east tip of Venezula. No we’re not part of Venezula. Please don’t get confused, google us.

I also wanted a medium to share my art which depicts the different things about Trinidad that captures my attention. From the simple things like trafficjams to the nicer things like our beautiful vegetation, such as bamboo, that surrounds me. I’ll mention our food and events of course but my art will be my introduction into the story or blog for that day. So thanks a lot WordPress and all you wonderful people who take an interest in my blog. I say welcome!!! And Later!!!!