PODCAST: When You Feel Like Something Is Missing in Your Life

Hi guys...lay pondering life as I relaxed in bed this morning and this is what I was thinking about, just wanted to share: Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: When You Feel Something is Missing In Your Life https://anchor.fm/gail-francis/episodes/When-You-Feel-Something-is-Missing-In-Your-Life-eapoof

It’s Carnival Time Again – In Trinidad & Tobago

Hi Guys....as I mentioned in another post, it's Carnival here in sweet T&T, that means lots of Fetes, Steelband Competitions, Soca Competitions and much more. All offices are having Carnival parties, all schools are having their own jump ups, with the kids in costumes. There are old mass competition, and Calypso Competitions happening everywhere. Trinidad …

Squarespace vs. WordPress – 2020 Review

Hi guys,…how is everyone? Great? Very good to hear that. I’m doing this post because one of my followers mentioned that she was a beginner on WordPress so I mentioned that I found Squarespace is much easier to use but she didn’t know what Squarespace was. I told her I would do a post on …

PODCAST: Coaching the Millennials versus the Baby Boomers and Traditionalists

Hi Guys....as a coach to the corporate world I hear a lot of complaints about the millenials and we are in the era of millenials and soon the next Generation Z. We have to either understand or be left behind. Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Coaching Millenials versus the Baby Boomers …

PODCAST: Termination. A Difficult Decision

Hu Guys...for those of us who own our own businesses this is a subject we totally avoid or hate having to deal with, but it's an area where you have no choice. Hear what I think. Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Gafra's Free Talk Ep.7: Termination: The Difficult Decision https://anchor.fm/gail-francis/episodes/Gafras-Free-Talk-Ep-7-Termination-The-Difficult-Decision-e8vkj7

PODCAST: The Art of Listening

Hi Guys....listening is something everyone knows but do we practice proper listening. In fact this is an important offspring of communication and the cause of many problematic communication issues. Hear what I think. Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: The Art of Listening https://anchor.fm/gail-francis/episodes/The-Art-of-Listening-e9m6ip

PODCAST: Communication Issues

Hi Guys....this month will start off with some podcasts on different topics. Here my views on communication as I see it within the companies I coach. Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Gafra's Free Talk Ep.6: Communication Issues https://anchor.fm/gail-francis/episodes/Gafras-Free-Talk-Ep-6-Communication-Issues-e8uvti

PODCAST: Who is Gafra and Why Free Talk?

Hi Guys....as you may have realised I started doing Podcasts and sometimes I would send you a Podcast versus writing a blog post. It's the way of the future, plus some people prefer to listen than read. It means you can listen to me as you drive as well. So I'll be sharing some of …

An Apology to my Blog Followers

Hi Guys.....better late tan never. I didn't get a chance to write so I'm sending this podcast audio. I apologise : ( Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: My Apologies to my Blog Followers https://anchor.fm/gail-francis/episodes/My-Apologies-to-my-Blog-Followers-eaaoa6

I Don’t Know What to Talk About

Hi Guys....I actually didn't know what to talk about for this post, then I started to think about all the issues that are happening all over the world, like the crazy fires in Australia, the floods in Indonesia, bombing of army bases in Iran, and mush much more all over the world. It makes me …