Welcome to this website where I’ll be sharing all the things that interest me and I hope they interest you as well.


From art, as I to am an artist and that in itself was a journey and a learning experience, to my opinions, art conversation, health conversations/discussions, general topics and much more. If you are curious about my art, go here .

I will also be sharing comments on the different books I’ve read that have been quite helpful to me in different ways. You will hear a bit about my life in the tropics and some of the daily activities I am involved in here because life in the Caribbean is always interesting.

I am a business owner and I run my own business with my husband. We specialise in Leadership Development so sharing words of wisdom on life in the business world will fit in there somewhere.

There is so much information out there and I love doing research so it’s time that I share what I’ve learned through this blog, to help others and make researching a bit easier for you. This blog will share my entire art journey and my portfolio is captured on my blog: gafra-art.com and gafra.org. Go see what I experience and create.

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I look forward to you coming with me on this adventure and please leave me your comments. I am very interested to hear your opinions on the things I discuss.

Now what you’re seeing below is a book of poems written by my husband and published by me. I wanted to share his poems with you so CLICK the button below.


I am also an artist and Coach and one of my favourite activities is creating printable planner pages that assist you with your business activities. If you don’t know where to start if you have to plan, or delegate or manage your time or coach a team member……simply get the relevant planner and it will guide through any of those processes very easily and it is inexpensive and you receive it immediately because its digital. TRY ONE NOW!


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